Aparna Carbons implemented Spectrum ERP in record time


Aparna Carbons are producer of coal chemicals having a wide range of product like Bender Grade & Impregnation Grade Coal Tar Pitch, Disinfectant Grade & Wood preservative Grade Creosote Oil, HP Naphthalene etc. They have business in different geographical locations; they wanted to integrate all their business operation on an immediate basis. They were looking for solutions fit for their business with minimum to no customization and which supports standard business practices


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How we helped?

We implemented full-fledged already customized ERP in 20 days in 2 different geographical locations for Aparna Carbons Pvt. Ltd. We gave them end to end solution that covered material management, sales and distribution, finance, production, payroll and weighbridges integration. They were able to view consolidated summary reports to transactional reports for various departments, we also provided automation, validations and controls at various business processes. Notifications, alerts and dashboard helped management to focus transactions which needed their attention.



i.)  Implementing an already customized ERP in 20 days saved Aparna Carbons a lot of time and effort resulting in money saving.
ii.)  Management now is able to view KPI at different business functions for better analysis and planning business performance measurement.
iii.) Their business cycle time is better than ever.
iv.)  Their utilization of resources also improved.

We helped in making their business better; we can help you too, Contact us to know more about our product, talk to our expert or get a free demo Optimize your business with Spectrum ERP