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Why industries need Chemical ERP software

The Chemical industry in India covers companies that produce over 70,000 chemical products. These chemical products are used by a wide range of Industries such as Paper, Textile, Perfumes, Soap & Detergents, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics Petrochemicals, Dyes, Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, Pesticides and more.

Some unique challenges of Chemical Industry manufacturers are stringent safety standards, strict government norms and regulations, continuous R & D. Besides this, chemical Industry manufacturers have to deal with high costs of power, fuel, high operational costs and high cost of plant maintenance, increasing logistics costs and so on. Moreover, Chemical Industry processes are complex and involve a lot of workflows and procedures, use of a variety of applications and databases. Leveraging the power of ERP to integrate and automate these unique and complex business processes, implementing business discipline is important in order to improve operational efficiencies.

Spectrum ERP for Chemical Industry

Spectrum ERP provides Material Management, Planning & Production, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll and Plant Maintenance module. Spectrum ERP also has Business Intelligence solution and Mobile Apps. Spectrum ERP can also be seamlessly integrated with Tally Software. Our e-Procurement solution automates and streamlines procurement processes of manufacturing industry SMEs. This enables efficient and transparent procurement of raw materials, consumable & capital items.

Key Modules of Spectrum ERP for Chemical Industry

Spectrum ERP for Chemical Industry has modules designed, configured as per the requirements of Chemical Industry. Spectrum ERP helps Chemical manufacturers to integrate and streamline critical business processes such as procurement, inventory management, supply chain, asset management & plant maintenance, improve logistics, control production costs, in order to ensure profitability.

  Ensure Quality Maintenance

Spectrum ERP has all the necessary features to ensure quality in purchase, production, storage and delivery of chemical materials.. It helps to maintain information related to Products attributes such as Product Ageing and Expiry information which is a must for Chemical industry. It is equipped to handle multiple stock keeping units. It provides an option to maintain different sizes of packaging for different materials used in chemical industries. It also allows to define product dispatch information along with checklists for cross verification.

  Company-wide integration, Multi-location integration

Spectrum ERP Multi-Company feature helps Chemical Plants integrate diversified business processes from multiple locations. This improves collaboration and coordination across various locations, units and departments. Management is able to view real-time, consolidated data as well as detailed transaction level data and make informed decisions.

  Plant Maintenance

In order to be competitive in the market, it is critical to ensure smooth functioning of plants, optimize plant efficiency and operating costs. Spectrum ERP Plant Maintenance Module is capable of handling:
Asset Management: It maintain records of all plant equipments, their locations, equipment wise AMC Contracts, spares & warranty details. It helps to define maintenance SOP, calibration and maintenance details for assets.
Plant Maintenance: It helps to set conditions that trigger maintenance. It helps to record and carry out activities of preventive and breakdown maintenance.
Inspection: It provides a daily log for maintenance and inspection entry.

  Order to Cash Cycle

Order to cash (OTC or O2C) is primarily the business process which involves receiving orders from customers for goods or services and fulfilling them as per customer requirements. This cycle involves sub processes such as documentation of order received, schedule for order delivery, order shipment, invoice generation, payment received, payment recorded. Spectrum ERP has incorporated all the features to ensure an efficient Order to Cash Cycle for Chemical industries

  Purchase to Pay Cycle

Purchase to Pay also known as Procure to Pay, is essentially the business process that covers aspects of procurement of raw materials, consumable & capital items. It involves sub processes such as requesting for goods or services, purchasing, receiving, paying and accounting for raw materials, consumable & capital items.

Our e-Procurement solution automates and streamlines procurement processes. It ensures that right materials are available at right time in right quantity at right place as per Chemical Industry requirements.


Spectrum ERP Real Time Integrated Finance Module consolidates financial data from multiple business units, divisions into a single database. This provides better support for accounting standards, statutory requirements. This helps to monitor data of costing, valuation, cash flow, profitability and MIS to ensure accurate reporting.


Spectrum ERP Payroll module helps to automates certain payroll activities thereby improving capabilities and accuracy of HR department. Spectrum ERP maintains employee personal information, annual leave, advances etc. It can be integrated with major attendance access machines. This saves time, in processing payroll information, preparing pay slips, registers etc.

  Tally Integration

Spectrum ERP can be seamlessly integrated with Tally ERP. It helps implement best business practices in organizations without impacting their Accounting practices. Spectrum ERP with Tally integration is a direct single step data transfer feature to export vouchers from Spectrum ERP to Tally. You can choose to integrate only select operation data or go for maximum integration.

  Chemical Industry Specific Reporting

Spectrum ERP comes with a suite of standard reports created for the Chemical Industry. This includes precise reports designed as per key performance indicators and dashboards. In addition, we also provide customized reports if required.

  Client Success Stories

Spectrum ERP for Chemical Industry has been successfully implemented at Aparna Carbons

Read more about our Client Success Stories: Aparna Carbons

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